Summer, the season most conducive to infidelity?

According to a survey recently published by Chaturbate Live Cams Site, 67% of the infidels surveyed deceived their partner during the summer holidays. An eloquent figure, which seems to prove an obvious fact: one would be much more likely to be unfaithful during the summer. Is it only the sun’s fault, which warms the bodies and minds, or can we isolate other factors that would determine this passage to the adulterous act?

Let’s try to see more clearly!

During Holidays, Fantasies Take Over

As summer approaches, the number of breaks increases. This is in any case what proves a David McCandless study that analyzed nearly 10,000 Facebook accounts by isolating the words break and broken on the various statuses. The result is unquestionable, and so it confirms what Chaturbate Team said with their poll: yes, the summer makes us more likely to deceive.

You were told that 67% of the infidels had been during the summer holidays, but of the 7000 participants, 91% said they had fantasized about someone other than their partner during these holidays. Men and women alike do not seem to be able to resist the summer and those bodies that are stripped and show off on the beaches, or the temptations that exist during the holiday activities.

We must admit that it is easier to have a mistress without being pinched (with our advice unfaithfulness, it’s even simpler) during these weeks off, especially when you go with friends, than in your daily life routine and codified or during your family vacation.

It is good to know, if your partner announces you all smile that he goes on vacation with his friends, that more than half of the adulterers take place during holidays with friends. What make you think about the freedoms to grant your partner for his next holidays.

But then, would the sun and the heat be the only culprits of this irresistible rise of adulterous temptations? Not quite, as explained below.

Why is it easier to deceive a spouse in the summer?

We all know that summer and holidays on sunny beaches, in the most beautiful cities of U.S or in summer clubs are conducive to let go and excesses. Everyone is there to have fun, relax, to forget the rest of the year. Oftentimes, the setting lends themselves to alcoholic parties, dresses revealing the shapes of girls and the muscular bodies of boys, and the sexual atmosphere is palpable everywhere.

Under these conditions, it seems obvious that the propensity to deceive the other increases. But there are other factors that come into play, and the first of these is none of being lucky to get caught. If you have a passing adventure with this beautiful brunette you will never see again or with the barman of this bar who will be half of the girls he will cross this summer anyway, nobody will know.

If your friends know how to hold their tongue and you are able to keep the secret, then deceiving your partner during the summer will stay in your little private garden.

Experts believe that hormones are more alert in the heat, the body will be much more likely to feel pleasure and even to seek new pleasures in a vacation period where stress is almost absent, and that this mental release is also much more conducive to new encounters.

In everyday life, we don’t meet as simply because the faces are frozen and worries often take over. But in summer, we do not want to take the head anymore. Feast, well-being and fun are the watchwords and as a result, infidelity becomes a possibility that may not have been touched by your mind so far.

Must We Admit Our Summer Escapade?

If you have taken action, an existential question arises: should you talk to your spouse?

We know that morality and infidelity do not mix well. But when a couple is stable and the relationship is lasting, adultery may be a real stop to this harmony. Can this mean that we should not talk about it? Some couples believe that all infidelities that have not been named remain in the realm of the hypothetical and that if everyone finds a balance in this situation, then it is better to keep them for themselves.

Others prefer to bet on sincerity, as much to evacuate a weight sometimes too heavy to wear that to be transparent in its couple. But then you have to know how to manage the consequences and the possible cold that will settle with your spouse.

Anyway, summer is the season of pleasure, and whether they are sexual, greedy, visual or mental, you have to enjoy it because it doesn’t last long enough.

Good Luck! – Bool Wow Network Team


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