How To Bend His Boy?

There are thousands of ways to bend a boy. And they all depend on your partner, what excites him and what you are comfortable doing. You must of course talk about preliminaries that will allow you to excite and get the erection needed to move on to serious things. We will tell you what you need to do to make him comfortable, warm him up and make him want you. But also mistakes to avoid not debonding, which could jeopardize your part of legs in the air.

But bending his guy does not necessarily go through foreplay before sex. You can also make it hard in a much more public context. Play with the forbidden by heating your partner while he is still at work. Or have him have an erection that he will have trouble hiding by dredging in a bar.

Discover all our tips.

The classic preliminaries

How To Bend His Boy

If you are in bed with your man and want to get him to go to serious things, the most important thing is to take your time. And to make him happy. Erection is a physical reaction of one’s sex to one’s state of excitement. To make it hard, you will have to heat your guy, stimulate him physically and make him want you. You do not need to be particularly original for that. The most classic preliminaries are also the most effective.

For example, you can have a blowjob to your guy when you are together in bed. By doing well, slowly and being careful not to hurt your teeth with it, it will not usually resist and the effect will be immediate. If you do not have too much oral pleasure or your guy prefers you to masturbate, you can also caress his cock with your hands (preferably both) by gradually accelerating the pace so that the effect is increased tenfold. The mistake many women make when they shake their man and neglect the testicles. This is a very erogenous zone of his body and it will excite him a lot if you caress them before, after or while you do it.

Think again if you judge these preliminaries too commonplace. Remember that it is up to you to use your imagination to vary the pleasures and avoid the routine. To surprise him, you can introduce sex toys to your caresses or blindfold him. Also use your tongue to discover new sensations or drink very fresh water to increase them. While you make him a blowjob, do not forget to caress her buttocks, her thighs, etc. Explore his body and raise his desires by showing him that you control the situation with your fingers, your lips and your tongue.

Harding his guy with more daring practices

All to bend a boy is to surprise him. Surprise, novelty and forbidden are powerful aphrodisiacs that will cause an erection at your boyfriend for sure. Your preliminaries do not have to be necessarily sexual. The point is to make him understand that you want him and let him imagine the craziest things you could do to him. His fantasies will do what is necessary and in no time you will see he will bandage and think only to make love to you wildly.

To excite your man, why not make him a sexy striptease. With good music, naughty underwear leaving little room for his imagination, and a very slow pace: you will make absolutely crazy. You can also massage him by blindfolding him. Use aphrodisiac oils, or surprise him with the leather straps of a whip to make him shudder with pleasure. Do not hesitate to be a little entrepreneurial. When he is at your mercy, you can slip a finger into his anus. The reaction will be immediate. Your man will certainly not be able to hide his excitement and you will quickly see his band.

To find out what really makes him feel good and make sure he’s happy, why not take a ride in a sex shop with your partner. Erotic dice games, dildos and gels with different tastes to spice up your fellactions, so you’ll be sure not to run out of inspiration. Let your man guide you and tell you half word in this store full of strangers that would make him lose his head. Drag erotic movies into your cart and have him choose your submitted outfit.

In short, have fun together and discover new sexual territories to explore in your relationship.

How to “bend a boy” by SMS

You will not always want to bend your man in your bedroom. It is indeed sometimes more exciting to give an erection in a situation where it will be embarrassing. With SMS, you now have the opportunity to heat it from a distance and prepare your antics well before joining you at home. Your boyfriend will certainly appreciate that you spend his work day much faster with your sex toys. And it will be difficult to think of anything else after receiving a picture of you naked on the couch in full meeting.

Remind him that you think of him and that you are impatiently waiting to join him to jump on him. Describe what the menu will do once you are alone. Be graphic and leave little room for his imagination. Remember also the memory of your last reports and in particular of what you did just before making it enjoy. Describe to him what you wear, or what you wear to make him hard and encourage him to shorten his day to make you savagely love.

All you need to know to avoid having your man out

These tips are of course to customize according to the fantasies of your partner. Everyone has his desires and needs to get hard. The point is that you manage to adapt to his fantasies of the moment, but also to understand his insecurities and what can make him lose confidence in him. The first thing you must understand is that to bend a man, you must give him confidence.

Indeed, your partner needs to feel that you are excited by him and that you consider him a good lover. The more you show him that you want him and that he is the only one to get you started, the more he will be more comfortable and have a stronger erection.

Another very effective advice to immediately make him bend and excite him is to make him believe that you have never known that with another man. Emphasize that you have never felt such envy with your other partners, or that none of you have made you comfortable enough that you dare to do what you do to your man. Compliment it in a roundabout way, and do not hesitate to point out to him that he is the best climber of your lovers. Play on the psychological aspect to multiply the physical effects!

The last tip for your man to stay excited and not dump and heal the pace of your preliminaries. All is not to bring down the temperature between you. Maintain eye contact, continue to caress or stimulate sex and erogenous zones, encourage licking, caressing, and avoid cuts if you need to use protection. Keep them near your bed, or on you if you test new places to send you in the air. Use your mouth, your fingers, accelerate your caresses so that it stays in the same state of mind and does not lose all its passion.

All you have to do is enjoy the result of all your efforts … until orgasm.


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