3 Foods that MURDER your Virility

Today, I’m going to talk to you about foods that may be killing your libido by causing your testosterone levels to collapse.

If you have trouble being “hard” under the belt, if you do not have the same libido as before or if you find that you are softer and tired than before …

One or more of these foods may be the cause of your ailments.

3 Foods that MURDER your Virility

1) Soy

At one point in my life, I wanted to try to be a vegetarian.

To compensate, I started stuffing myself with soy burgers, soy milk, and a bunch of other products that were supposed to replace animal meat.

Big mistake.

I did not immediately made the connection but my libido and the quality of my erections have plummeted during this period.

I thought I was eating “healthy” … But on arrival, I had never had so much energy in my life.

I discovered after a lot of readings that soy contains isoflavone, which have positive virtues for the body … but also have properties similar to those of estrogen, female sex hormones!

So, eating too much soy can have a negative effect on your masculinity …

2) Alcohol

A glass of wine or a cocktail from time to time, there’s no harm in that.

But drinking too much alcohol can nail your erections to the ground.


Because alcohol will prevent the blood from staying in your gear.

Result, you can have an erection … But you will have trouble to maintain it.

Alcohol can alter your responses to sexual stimulation … which will stress you on the moment. And there you start a vicious circle where you think too much about your rod, which makes it harder to maintain …

Finally, to drive the nail, alcohol is quickly turned into fat by your body. And the more we grow, the more our testosterone levels tend to fall.

3) Candies and chewing gums with mint

Taking a ticking before kissing a girl is a good idea. But do not overdo it!

Taken in too large quantities, menthol reduces your testosterone levels and therefore your libido.

To your success,


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